Printing Guide

How to print?

  1. You can use Acrobat Reader to open these files (I'm using Preview on my Macbook Pro and it works fine, but try printing 1 page to see how it turned out)
  2. In print settings, Select “ACTUAL SIZE” or “SCALE to 100%” under Page Sizing & Handling
  3. Once printed, hole punch as needed and insert in your binder
  4. Start planning right away!


For A5, I have 3 Printing Options

  1. For print on A5 paper (for pre-cut paper)
  2. With trim marks
  3. For print on A4 size paper (2 A5 inserts on 1 A4 size paper)

✔ For me the easiest way to print A5 inserts is to use A4 paper

✔ A5 paper is exactly an A4 size piece of paper cut in half horizontally, therefore cut the inserts directly down in the middle (at the 148mm mark).